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Safety Selctor Valves

Anderson Greenwood
Anderson Greenwood developed the patented, Safety Selector Valve in response to the growing demand for cost-effective, dual pressure relief valve and/or rupture disc installations in today’s process industries. The Safety Selector Valve is designed specifically to function as an effective "switchover" device that permits routine or emergency servicing of redundant pressure relief devices with no process interruption, providing continuous system overpressure protection.

Safety Selector Valves
The Anderson Greenwood Safety Selector Valve (SSV) is a unique device, developed to provide a safe and efficient method of switching from an active PRV to a standby PRV. The SSV has less than 3% pressure drop to the active PRV inlet, in accordance with ASME Section VIII Code and API RP520 Part II. The SSV is provided with a "fool-proof" locking mechanism. Tandem Safety Selector Valve systems are available which allow positive and simultaneous switching of both inlet and outlet SSVs while maintaining overpressure protection at all times.

Connections: 1" to 8"
Flange Ratings: ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
Temperature Range: -423°F to +800°F [-253°C to +427°C]
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 6,000 psig [414 barg]







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